Welcome to the Chronicles of Caramanica. Here outlines the histories that have been recovered and set into the line of events of Caramanica.

There is Subtle History that has been around since before the Fall but it is hidden within the ends and nooks of Caramanica.

The Beginning

In the beginning, the world was planar locked meaning that the material plane was alone and by itself in the regard of the multiverse. There were still magical creatures such as the elves and gnomes, but there was no way to travel the planes outside of death. Death was also permanent outside of undeath.

There were visions of heroes and kingdoms coming to glory through the unifying of great objects in the world and it seemed as though the call for adventure was great. One such wizard was contracted by an incredible military of the world to find the objects and unify them. one after one, the objects were found and brought before a great altar. Once the ritual began, the beginning of a new era started as the sky ripped apart and unlocked the material plane from its bastion of peace and solitude. all the other planes flooded in through a mess of planar tears and began the age of the Fall.

The Fall

It is uncertain if the kingdoms knew their ire would bring this destruction. The false sense of ignorance and pride drew them to slaughter one another, and seek out revenge in kind. The wars spiraled out of control instantaneously.

There was a time when the world wasn’t so harsh, when the world was at peace. Lush evergreen trees flourished and rivers were clean; had a beauty to them. Gigantic cities and titanic structures were at the apex of civilization. These have all but been decimated to a world shaking event known only as “The Fall”.

The world was driven to a point of infancy. “The Fall” left the civilizations of the world without much of its resources. The collective knowledge and wisdom inside scrolls and tombs have been lost. Security and Alliances have been lost. The mutual affinity for cultures and society have been lost. History was lost.

Although barbarians and tribes survived, it was only barley and might have wished they had perished than go through the insanity and tyranny of the fall.

Elders say the skies darkened to a reddish hue, the sound deafened the peoples of the world and horrifying monstrosities poured out of the blackened clouds in the sky. the horror is that most of the aberrations didn’t have to fight, at least at first.. They drove the populace insane within mere minutes and let the world devour itself. It was only when the celestials intervened that the aberrations lost their grip on society and the true war began. Angels and aberrations clashed for 63 years. Nearly all knowledge was obliterated, The people were scarred, and the world was never the same.

Everything after the event known as the Fall is referred to as PF, or Post Fall

The Age of Sorcerer Kings

Decades passed since the end of the Fall and Secrets had been uncovered. In an age of prosperity after the fall, the world had since seen the rise of new Kings and Tyrants. The land of Venea underwent an impossibly large transition of government.

The few pockets of civilization that survived were gaining relations but there was a very real dragon threat that started to surface. Many dragons now saw the world as ripe picking, but there was dragon that stood above the rest. The fall played with minds of intelligent creatures everywhere but with such a dragon in the apex of the falls influence, he was able to gain a great understanding of the weave and magic as it was became second nature to his impossible power. Once he gathered enough influence on Venea, many started to revere him, and so the first Sorcerer King was named Calistrofyx.

Other Sorcerer Kings came to fruition in the form of humans as a result of the fall and Calistrofyx’s alliance. Dragons flocked to the King’s side as siding otherwise would mean extermination. The sorcerers were were corrupted and were tasked to over see many vast lands on different continents through Calistrofyx’s will. This coalition of sorcerer kings and dragons came to be known as the Fist of Calistrofyx.

Now a blasted world of harsh elements and dragons and magic, the time to stand is now.

Fallen Lands