Human, Bard/Warlock


A debt is worth more than gold. Kyveth has lived his entire life with this belief. As an urchin on the streets, he found his first promised debt when he saved the life of the bully that had been hounding him incessantly. The bullying stopped, and Kyveth now had a someone beholden to a whim. As time moved forward, Kyveth found more debts, favors, and even owed some to others. The other side he found more than less desirable and made sure to stay away from such an event.

Making an income was one way to keep from owing a debt. Kyveth picked up playing music incredibly fast. It didn’t matter the type of instrument either. His fingers moved on their own, producing a melody on a master level. Cashing in a debt, Kyveth obtained his first instrument, a six-stringed design he would tinker with later. With a way to make a living, Kyveth loaned more than he needed to borrow, so a steady stream of continuous income lined his pocket.

With enough saved, Kyveth decided to enroll at the Lexa-Vol University. The professors’ claimed he would never learn the art of sympathetic bonds at such a late age of twenty. Despite their warnings, Kyveth mastered each form and picked up sygaldry and artificing. He improved the body of his instrument, and with sygaldry, he was able to amplify sound without the need of a sound hole. The other masters thought his designs were frivolous, and they deemed his research and time as meaningless efforts. In two years, he graduated from the University in an unprecedented amount of time. There are rumors that his graduation was more of a forced exile, and the exact details of why range from a wild array of outlandish claims. What is known for sure is that during these two years is when Kyveth met the Tabaxi Indigo Plateau. Stories of the two together are as famous as the stories they tell of heroes they know.

The friendship of between Indigo and Kyveth is bonded by a strong rivalry. Kyveth acknowledges Indigo’s storytelling abilities and claims himself as only the second-best storyteller next to Indigo. Indigo accepts the title, but he envies Kyveth’s ability to play an instrument. “Sadly, having no lips and sharp claws tends to make one incapable of playing,” he states often.

Though Kyveth and Indigo travel apart nowadays, their bond and rivalry are as strong as ever. Mort arrives at the Harmonic Minor during one of Kyveth’s set with a package addressed to the bard from Indigo. Inside is a book with vast information of sympathies and a note that reads, “Debt paid in full. This is your chance to one up me.” An opportunity to gain a story and claim the title of the best storyteller from his friend is too much to pass. Fleeing from his patron bar, Kyveth joins Mort on his trip overseas to Du’Khad.


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