Norindel Edenmore

Aasimar, Paladin


Norindel Edenmore is the only son of the royal Edenmore family, a well known family as they are direct descendants from one of the solars of Selune, who fought to put an end to the fall. Through this angelic bloodline, carried on his mother’s side, he was gifted magical abilities that he was able to hone with the assistance of his father.

He grew up alongside his three older sisters, two of which were blessed with the angels bloodline. Norindel became a paladin of Selune seeking to follow in his ancestors footsteps to snuff out the embers of the fall and any who would seek it’s return. He is a bright eyed and optimistic young man who indulged in the tales of " The Good Company & Ragnar the Red".

Recently he set off as an ambassador on behalf of his country and kingdom to answer Calistrofyx’s summons after which he ran into the remnants of the fabled Good Company, where he joined them to fulfill his call to action.

Norindel Edenmore

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