Vashnirr Vencaryn

Half-Elf, Sorcerer


Name is Vashnirr Vencaryn, his father was elvish his mother was human. Very old and prestigious bloodline. A lot of politics within the community. Because of this Vashnirr had a very sheltered childhood. His mother feared for him, so she had him stay in the manor mostly. He wasn’t allowed to go out on his own. She loved him so, and thought this was best.

The nobles hated that his father married a human, but respected him for his power. Regardless, there were those that conspired against the family to remove the stain that was Vashnirr and his mother.

On the night of Vashnirr’s 16th birthday, they made their move. After a joyous evening and everyone started to retire. A scream from the garden, where his mother likes to take walks. Vashnirr runs to garden as quickly as he can, only to find his mother lying there. He is devastated by the sight and screams out in pain. She wasn’t the only target tho. The assassin leaped out from the hedges, and Vashnirr couldn’t help but look on at what he thinks will be his death. It all starts to move so slowly and just as soon as the dagger is about to enter his chest. He feels this power surge from within him. Suddenly a burst of golden luminescent energy lashes out in all directions. His powers awaken. The assassin destroyed in an instant.

After that night, he decided to leave his home. He thought this would appease whomever sent the assassin. His father reluctantly agreed. As Vashnirr was leaving, his father gave him his grandfather’s dragon amulet. That had been passed down for generations to those that have the dragon’s power.

Fast forward 15 years. Vashnirr has been traveling anywhere and everywhere. He loves meeting new people and experiencing new cultures.

Recently he had a vision of a great gold dragon that told him to go in search of the good company. They would help him unlock his true potential..

Vashnirr Vencaryn

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