Located in Dinshae, Marden is the port city of Ceranek. It is home to a league of Mercenaries that take high bidding jobs mostly from the Lords of Marden which are very rich and own the city out of Plutocracy. The two sides of a very dangerous coin can easily mark anyone’s head for almost any reason. Unfortunately the only thing keeping the Lords in check are the other Lords which are extremely personal in their affairs.

People of Marden

Micali Soulrend
A female halfling who brings pelts and beasts into marden for trade.

Rice Hall
A Human Bard that constantly reeks of alcohol. He is one of the few mercenaries in town that exercises spellcasting. impressive are his dealings with other mercenaries in Marden.

Sid Stoutner
A Human Clothier. He sees many important people of Marden who all need expensive clothes.

Viare Endicott
A Soldier from Avesill trying to make his way as a merchant. He’s always talking about how much he misses home. Being a bit out of shape he can’t quite do what his younger years allowed him to do.

Zaghain Oakborn
A Dwarf with rough white skin, and grey eyes. He explores Dinshae in hope of finding treasure and scoring a large haul.

Ellara Verique
Female human bowyer with short straight red hair, blue Eyes, and 3 piercings on her left eyebrow. Fortunately she makes good money in Marden because of all the flying monsters in Dinshae

Tholmond Huett
A Wealthy Noble of Marden. Goes to Sid for most of his Clothing inquiries.


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