It is uncertain if the kingdoms knew their ire would bring this destruction. The false sense of ignorance and pride drew them to slaughter one another, and seek out revenge in kind. The wars spiraled out of control instantaneously.

There was a time when the world wasn’t so harsh, when the world was at peace. Lush evergreen trees flourished and rivers were clean; had a beauty to them. Gigantic cities and titanic structures were at the apex of civilization. These have all but been decimated to a world shaking event known only as “The Fall”.

The world as you know has been driven to a point of infancy. “The Fall” has left the civilizations of the world without much of its resources. The collective knowledge and wisdom inside scrolls and tombs has been lost. Security and Alliances have been lost. The mutual affinity for cultures and society have been lost. History… has been lost

Although barbarians and tribes may have survived, it was only barley and might have wished they had perished than go through the insanity and tyranny of the fall.

Elders say the skies darkened to a reddish hue, the sound deafened the peoples of the world and horrifying monstrosities poured out of the blackened clouds in the sky. the horrifying part is that most of the aberrations didn’t have to fight, at least at first.. They drove the populace insane within mere minutes and let the world devour itself. It was only when the angels intervened that the aberrations lost their grip on society and the true war began. Angels and aberrations clashed for over half a century. Nearly all knowledge was obliterated, The people were scarred, and the world was never the same.

Decades have passed since the end of the Fall and Secrets have been uncovered. In an age of prosperity after the fall, the world has since seen the rise of new Kings and Tyrants.

Fallen Lands