The Fallen Lands

Session 18

Into the Fungus Forest

The party (Stanz, Wart, Pico and Gaelin ) came into Lakeview, and after a round of drinks and some questioning of the barkeep for rumors, headed North across the lake to delve into the Fungus Forest, on the far side of the mud flats.

In the forest they found the remains of a party of adventurers, who had apparently all murdered each other. There was a fighter, two mages, a dwarf, a hobbit, and and elf. From the bodies they recovered some loot. The corpses all had some red substance (not blood) smeared around their mouths.

They explored some of the nearby caverns and found a variety of fungus, and three fungus men in the process of placing human skulls into niches in a wall of one of the larger caverns. They set an ambush for them in case they were hostile, but sent Wart ahead to try to parley. The creatures spoke in a weird chittering that Wart couldn’t understand and moved to attack. Wart retreated to the ambush point and the party managed to dispatch them.

XP 116 each, treasure: 42 sp, various adventuring gear


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