The Fallen Lands

Session 19

Bad 'Shrooms!

The party explored farther into the Fungus forest, discovering a cave full of skulls in niches (various humanoids), a cave full of sorted piles of bones (also various humanoids), and fought a party of 7 mushroom men, including 3 of a new sort that looked like squat yellow toadstools that spat a paralytic poison. Pico took several hits and went down, only to be saved by Johnny giving him a healing potion; Gaelin got paralyzed by one of the spitters and the party doesn’t actually know how to fix that. In the end, they prevailed.

They also went back and more thoroughly catalogued the gear from the deceased adventurers, coming up with the following list:
1 long sword; 1 bastard sword; 1 short sword; 1 mace; 1 dagger; 1 longbow and
8 arrows; 1 light crossbow and 6 crossbow bolts; 1 dwarf sized suit of chain; 1 shield; 1 suit of halfling sized leather armor (+1); 1 vial of holy water; 1 spell book with 1 spell (Sleep) and room for six additional spells to be inscribed; 50’ of hemp rope; a grappling hook; 3 backpacks; a hammer and 10 iron spikes; 4 days dried rations

XP 280 each.

Thus ended the session.


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