The Fallen Lands

Session 20

Recovery and Random Exploration

The party Pico, Wart, Stanz, and Johnny Lawrence retreated from the Fungus Forest carrying the paralyzed Gaelin. They rested up in town for a month, renting a cottage (15 sp/year) and getting the locals to build them a raft (40 sp) so they could go back and forth across the lake without having to hire a boat. During this period they heard rumors of a Dark Lord having taken over the Bleak Tower.

After this they headed back into the Fungus Forest, retracing their steps, finding an underground river that was swifter and colder than they felt like dealing with, and then finding a cavern with neatly stacked piles of hand and foot bones of various races; toward one exit of the cavern there were numerous mushrooms with creepy eyes that appeared to be watching them. The party deduced that the eyes came from the corpses that all the bones they’d been seeing had been harvested from. The squished one of the mushrooms, and four Shroomekin came to investigate: three Slenders and a Spitter. They dispatched them, but not without taking some wounds.

Thus ended the session. XP 160 each. No treasure found.


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