Create a Character

See OED Players Rules for more complete rules.


  • Levels 1-3 roll three selected abilities 2d6+6, others 3d6.
  • Levels 4-7 roll one ability 2d4+10, two 2d6+6, others 3d6.
  • Levels 8+ roll one 2d4+10, three 2d6+6, and two at 3d6.

Hit Points: Reroll results of “1” or “2” for all hit dice at time of creation.

Magic Items: Characters should be checked for magic items at 1-in-6 per level. Check for each of the following: (1) sword or wand, (2) armor or scroll, (3) potion, (4) weapon, ring, or miscellaneous (roll 1d3). Roll a d6 per level for each category; each “6” indicates a +1 bonus, extra ability or dosage, etc.

Spellbooks: Wizards should generate a random spellbook, using the Spells Known based on Sup-I: Greyhawk.

Languages: Give an extra language per level, up to the Int limit.

Equipment: Characters can take any mundane item, encumbrance permitting. Starting Equipment, Equipment Packs

Create a Character

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