house rules

House Rules

OEDcc Player’s Handout

Overland Travel

  • Clerics don’t exist as a class (as per OED), but Magic Users can learn some Clerical spells, chief among them the Cure Wounds and Remove Curse spells, if they can find them.
  • Halflings get to spend luck on other people’s rolls or themselves and recover level in Luck per day. When Halflings spend luck they get 2 points for every point spent (Halfling Thieves rolling luck dice instead, as normal).
  • Mighty Deeds for Fighters.
  • Luck Die for Thieves. as per DCC Thieves cans add their Luck Die to any of their rolls by spending a point of Luck, which they recover 1 point per level per night.
  • Recovering Spells Through Spellburn. Same as DCC rules, it’s a point of Spellburn per level of spell… plus to succeed they’ll have to roll a check d20+Int Bonus+Caster Level-Spell Level against Target 20. The Spellburn has to be done each time you want to cast a spell you’ve already use up for the day.
  • Crits and Fumbles from OED. A roll of natural 1 forces Save vs. Stone or roll on the Fumble chart. A roll of 20 forces a Save vs. Stone or take max damage + roll damage die again (exploding) and counts as a 30 when comparing to see if you hit the Target 20, in case there are any negative modifiers. At 0 HP roll on Death and Dismemberment
  • Dwarves can smell gold, and Elves are allergic to iron.

house rules

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