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Welcome to your the Fallen Lands…

The world has ended. The great kingdoms have fallen, and their cities lie in ruins. Far to the north the forces of Law clashed against the forces of Chaos, and were defeated. But in their moment of triumph the armies of the invading barbarian hordes overreached, and lost control of the dark powers that had carried them to victory, unleashing a magical corruption that consumed them as well as their enemies. Now the pitiful remnants of the armies of Law straggle back to their homelands, through monster-haunted wilderness, past ruined and abandoned villages. The PCs are among them, searching for means to survive, whether that is wealth, power, or just a safe harbor.

The Gods have turned their faces from their worshipers, and miracles no longer occur. There are no PC clerics in the Fallen Lands, and such NPC Clerics as remain faithful have no magical powers unless they have turned to the dark arts of wizardry.

Campaign Details

The campaign uses Original D&D, as interpreted through Original Edition Delta plus some house rules, as what original D&D game doesn’t have?

Also Jeff Rient’s Carousing Rules

Creating a Character

Create a Character using OED rules, start at 3rd level.
Buy gear from Price List or Equipment Packs, or roll on Starting Equipment


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